Digital Bank Expert was founded in London in 2016 as a boutique management consulting service.
We are focusing on delivering complex transformation projects for traditional banks, building neobanks and helping FinTech startups to meet expectations of large scale corporations.
Our passion is incorporating new ways of doing work, delivering branchless banking and promoting remote services for the end customers.

  • Strong mix of business and technology expertise
  • End-to-end delivery model
  • Best talents

Why Digital Bank Expert?

We are flexible enough to deliver projects of different levels and complexity. Our team benefit from global practical experience and can  articulate and implement world best practices. Our approach is to drive business goals through innovative technology  coupled with soundable financial models. 

End-to-end approach
Most of our projects are end-to-end: audit, strategy development, leadership on delivery, post-implementation support.
Transformation capacity
We provide extra capacity and deliver transformation without interruption to on-going business.
Cross functional leadership
We understand complexity and importance in driving cross functional teams.
Art of science
PhD employees to deliver State-of-the-Art technologies such as Computer vision, Natural Language Processing, Time Series Analysis and others.
In-depth business knowledge
Our experts come predominantly from large businesses and have practical experience in business management.
Professional support
We value long-term relations with our clients and provide post-implementation support based on Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Digital Bank Expert

Build financial services of the future with us.

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