FinTech industry in January 2022

What’s new in digital financial and banking areas in January 2022? Here are a few briefs:

Revolut rolled out its banking licence in ten more EU countries.

With its Lithuanian banking licence Revolut operates as a bank in Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Spain, Iceland, Luxembourg and Lichtenstein since January 2022. Revolut launches its bank accounts in 28 EU countries in total now.

The company is still not available as a bank in Italy, Ireland and the UK, and can offer only e-money accounts in these countries. Customers of mentioned regions are not qualifying for deposit protections.

Nordigen collaborated with the personal finance management application Bilance.

The partnership of Nordigen and Bilance allows its clients to monitor both digital and cash transactions of all the major banks and finance platforms in the Baltics. Just before that, Latvia-based Open Banking platform Nordigen has partnered with another international company CH Konsultatsioonid via their accounting software Trigon.

Klarna intends to start issuing physical cards.

The physical Klarna cards are essentially to be a credit card but with slightly different terms. Klarna claims that traditional credit cards have a greater threat since revolving credit products see the most profitable consumers in those, who are staying in debt. And the absolute opposite – the best Klarna`s consumers are those, who use BNPL for a purchase and then pay on time and in full.

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